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Weléla is a breath of fresh air. She is a born wanderer with a wild heart. When you see her, you feel rested. It is all good! She has this amazing bohemian spirit that glides through life, almost effortlessly, even though she may have the weight of the world on her shoulders. You would never know it.

Weléla is a choreographer and a visionary. She puts life into any creation that she touches. Give her a moment and she has the masterpiece designed. She never has to try very hard to be beautiful… it just is who she is from the inside out. She speaks through movement and eye gazes. Telling you stories just in the way that she tilts her head and purses her lips and the way she moves. Buyer beware, she will romance you.

Optimist Made loves Weléla because she has a natural way of making all things right in the world. She can silence a room with her grace and ease. She is a true show stopper and if we can follow her lead, we will be in amazing company!

xoxo, Optimist Made




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