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Denise is a mom. A sister. A wife. A friend. A PhD. A daughter. An athlete. She basically does it all. And with all of these titles that she bears, she is the real real deal, a confidant, a comedian, a ride or die. Denise grew up in northern California and moved her life to southern Cali when she went to college. She never stops. She stared a new life in the face and took it by storm, never looking back.

Denise is a public health professional and thrives from eliminating health disparities, while working with underserved populations. She is fascinated when dealing with health technology and channeling her knowledge base to student health organizations. Denise lives for the constant challenge and always reaches to defy convention. When things start to feel too normal, she looks for change. With her motivation and determination, she will change the world.

Optimist Made loves Denise because of her kind heart and fierce determination. She is the definition of what the brand stands for… resistance to negativity… resistance to ignorance… resistance to stagnation. If we can be a little bit more like Denise, we'll be in a great place!

xoxo, Optimist Made




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