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Eriko was born in Japan and raised in Hawaii. She found her new ‘Aloha’ in the south bay of Los Angeles some years ago to continue building on the beautiful human that she already embodied.

Eriko is a board-certified behavior analyst by day, but in life, she is a powerful spirit that wants nothing more than to bring undiluted joy to any situation. She is a committed individual, motivated, and competitive with herself to be better than she was the day before. Eriko has been working with individuals with disabilities for over a decade and she calls it, ‘her blessing.’ She loves being helpful and propelling others to reach their maximum potential through her work in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). For those that understand this world, you will also understand why her dream is to have a cocktail with B.F. Skinner. Look it up and teach yourself something new today! 

Alongside her work, family is most important to Eriko. She does not get to see them often, but she finds solace in her love for yoga and her partner, Ric. These gifts at her core are what make her a better person every day. You might find her traveling around the world, hula hooping or roller skating, because she is a spontaneous spirit!

Optimist Made loves Eriko because she makes the world a better place every single day in every moment of her life. She is a true inspiration and role model to those around her and it makes us proud to have her as a face for the brand!

Xoxo, Optimist Made




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