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Optimist Made is committed to serving up ways to stay well by the best experts in the game. Ava Moreno is at the top of that list. Not only is she a beautiful human to the core, but she is also an Optimist Made muse! That's why we chose her.

Ava Moreno entered the yoga and fitness community through her first love: dance. She began her dance training as a toddler, training in all forms of dance. After having struggled with a severe eating disorder when she began her professional dance career at age 16, Ava found Colleen Quinn, an incredible mentor and inspiration to her through the form of a personal trainer and physical therapist. Ava has also struggled with several injuries in dance due to her hypermobility, including a medial patellofemoral ligament knee reconstruction at age 20, leading her to look into deeper ways of understanding and helping her body. Although Ava had first been introduced to yoga at age 11 through dance, it was not until she entered recovery from her eating disorder that she began practicing regularly, discovering the peace, focus, and stability--both physically and mentally--it brought her. Throughout her recovery, Ava studied nutrition and began to explore the yoga, fitness, and wellness world.

Ava is the founder of The Work by Ava and the Co-host of the Better is Better podcast, found on all streaming platforms. Jump in everything first! You won't regret it ;-)


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