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Optimist Made was designed to take care of the whole human from the inside-out. Maggie O’Meara joined Optimist Made to help us close the loop on this goal given she has spent her professional career studying the human body and identifying what makes it function at its best. Maggie is here to share the truth with you about how to feed your body for success by harnessing global research and offering up healthy living habits that work in different parts of the world! In the same way Optimist Made dresses you in the cultural tastes from different countries.

Now, a bit more about Maggie. In short, she is gorgeous through and through. She is a kind soul that wants the best for the human race. She is intellectually curious, motivated to do her best and hungry to chase adventure, wherever it might take her. Her kind heart has led her to volunteer and spend time at local food pantries. And recently, she spent 3 weeks in India on a humanitarian trip working with a community to improve their diet and overall well-being. Maggie worked alongside registered dietitians to provide services to combat woman and child malnutrition through nutrition, health education, supplementary nutrition, oral rehydration therapy, as well as, run local woman support groups. Over the years, she has become an advocate for healthy eating and the impacts that it can have on communities around the world.

When it comes to being active, if you talk to Maggie, she won’t mention the fact that she was a top collegiate athlete in tennis, leading her Division 1 team at Utah State University, where she majored in Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science. What Maggie would actually tell you when it comes to sport is that she enjoys practicing yoga and hiking in the Utah mountains. Also, for sport Maggie enjoys shopping at local farmer’s markets, cooking new meals, and traveling. She basically does it all!

Maggie is a dynamic individual proven by the life she has designed, which included study abroad in Greece where she mastered her educational depth around, Mediterranean Diet Concepts. She also spent a summer interning in Honokaa, Hawaii where she harvested food and prepared nutritious, vegetarian, whole food meals for 50+ individuals on a farm. She is an expert in Farm to Table concepts, which, she continues to leverage in her research. One thing about Maggie, she fits in well at Optimist Made, because she knows how to pick her locations for study and research ;-)

Optimist Made loves Maggie for her unwavering commitment to making the world a healthier place and using her experience and understanding of nutrition to encourage cleaner living and longer life spans. Maggie is helping to make Optimist Made better, one nutrition tip at a time!


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