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Optimist Made has earned the great pleasure to collaborate with the beautiful Livia Boerger who can be found by the handle @onyourtermsco. Livia Boerger is a New York Times featured Mental Wellbeing and Lifestyle Design Coach. She empowers women to detach from societal pressures so they can do life and work on their terms, and design a life they love that prioritizes productivity vs. busyness, mindfulness, rest and self-care.

Livia inspires us at Optimist Made because of all the great work she does with women and entrepreneurs. She is a social media consultant to Fortune 500 companies and high-growth start-ups. Alongside this amazing work, she is a mental wellbeing coach for Female Entrepreneurs focused on intentional living, self care and proactivity.

Based out of London, she has also created an incredible online hub to support ambitious women ready to redefine success and put an end to toxic hustle culture, which can be found here: www.madewithlemons.co. Enjoy getting to know Livia!


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