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Their Story

Eden Edmisson was born in Israel and has travel and lived all over the world including Africa, London and Japan. She found a father and son family team in Pushkar, India where Eden believes is the place in the world where the best brass hails from, which does not contain any nickel or tin. This father and son team owned this studio and she really loved them, so she wanted to find a way to support their business, so she chose that to produce her designs. She has lived many lives and worked in many jobs all over the world and had a mountain of experiences, which has inspired many of her pieces. Every piece has its story and a notch out of her life. Eden now resides in Maui, Hawaii where she lives with her husband and her daughter. Alongside her design business, she is also a chef specializing in foods from her culture and upbringing in Israel and mediterranean influences.

Our Story

This is a story of fate at its finest. When Optimist Made was started, the first two markets were Croatia and London. The founder, Rochelle Webb, had a brother that lived in London at the time and took her to one of his favorite markets where she found a designer that she loved and a sales associate that was very kind. In the end, that designer did not make it onto the Optimist Made platform, but 4 years later, Rochelle unknowingly found that sales associate in Hawaii and she had started her own Jewelry line. It was not until after the first order was completed that they managed to make the realization because one of Eden, the sales associate and designer, had a piece that was inspired by her time working in that market. It was an incredible gift to unveil this connection and one of those amazing reminders, that Rochelle was exactly where she was supposed to be doing what she loves, connecting! Eden had a showing at the hotel where Rochelle was saying and it was the friend she was traveling with that said she should go back and visit her table. She did and Eden was reeling from just having met Bruce Willis who was shooting a movie on property. Eden's pieces were intricate and beautiful and after Rochelle chased her around the island at different markets, she finally completed her buy. Eden happens to be a pretty amazing chef as well and Rochelle was able to indulge in her food as well!




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