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Alberto Rodriguez is a designer from Guadalajara, with more than 25 years of experience, designing dresses and haute couture. He has participated in collaborations with Swarovski Company and has presented his collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Mexico. Alberto has worked with celebrities as well as designed for Jacqueline Bracamontes, a Mexican actress and former Miss Universe. His designs integrate cuts and decorative Latin details, with precious effects in retro or avant-garde styles. His design house represents the sophisticated class in Mexico that has a predilection for high impact garments in the design category. The woman who wears a garment of Alberto Rodriguez is elegant, but above all powerful and daring to show her silhouette, yet distinguished by her class. Alberto has taken Capricious art and translated it into functional aesthetic garments. Alberto Rodriguez Couture stands out for having clothes designed for the most demanding tastes, as well as, for its design, quality and total satisfaction.

Our Story

I stumbled upon Alberto while surfing the internet to learn more about Guadalajara. I was awe struck by what I saw. The intricate designs and the classic lines were exciting! I immediately wrote Alberto Rodriguez a DM on Facebook. I waited and waited and waited until that day that Alberto said he would meet with me. I walked into his studio and the floor was mine to pick choose from all the beautiful treasures surrounding the room. He left me to my own devices and his daughter helped me pick the best of the best. I attempted to speak in very broken Spanish and she was a tremendous help in her understanding of English to get the deal done. I have been anxious to bring couture fashion to Optimist Made and working with Alberto is the perfect debut!




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