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Cup is a Croatian fashion brand by designer, Maja Pehar. She has gained her long-standing design practice experience from living and working in France. The Cup brand is intended for a powerful and confident woman who is not afraid of experimentation. A brave girl who is ready to be different. Therefore, Maja likes to point out that her pieces are made exclusively as one-of-a-kind in order to emphasize individuality and originality. Her inspiration for her creation process is everywhere. It's inspired by the people her life, the characters we mix with and this mysterious world of imagination that we live in. For Maja, inspiration is inexhaustible because of the inner child in her, which emphasizes how creativity and design create a release of emotions, the flow of imagination, memories, as a positive explosion that always ends with an original creation. The Cup fashion statement is about free spirited lifestyle and pure intense emotions. It is not about design, it’s about feelings.

Our Story

Maja, the founder of Cup, grew up with a friend of mine from Croatia. On one of my visits to Croatia, he told me about her and said she was someone that I had to meet. His opinion was one that I valued, so if he was suggesting it, I was going to do it. In my last couple of days in Dubrovnik, I planned to meet Maja who was traveling south from Split. As one would imagine, two people who live halfway around the world from each other and speak two different languages, left on their own to meet one another… chances were slim that the meeting would actually happen. And your suspicions would be true. We missed one another. I thought that was it… a missed opportunity… until fate presented itself again. Maja had a friend that lived down the road from me in Los Angeles and she came for a visit. They carefully laid out her collection in a guest bedroom in her friend’s home and I fell in love. My eyes were on overload as each piece was more unique than the one before and the one after. Every single item has a story. Pictured above is a peek into our first meeting when Maja’s one of a kind collection had me at ‘hello.’




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