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Frederick Morrison is a Scottish designer who has been surrounded by fashion all of his life. He used to help his grandmother make his waist coats when he was a child. He later embraced his love of fashion in secondary school through his Arts and Economics classes where he started to draw and create collections. Frederick worked with Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh before starting his own label, This is Fred. After having honed his skills, he presented at Berlin and Paris fashion weeks. His aesthetic is inspired by the convergence of strength and angularity of architectural forms. There is a daring fluidity of natural shapes in his design and a simplicity of each hand-crafted piece that brings a timeless element to the garment.

Our Story

When visiting my brother in London, he took on my entrepreneurial venture as his own. He has traveled many more miles than I have and has buried his roots in London. He is an experience chaser and I can always count on him to take me somewhere new. I needed to shop for designers and instead of taking me to the big, predictable and obvious venues, he winded me around a million tiny streets in Shoreditch. I entered a trade hall (pictured above) full of makers and was cut loose on my discovery mission. I shop fast and I know what I want when I see it… I think that’s why my brother agrees to shop with me. Within 1 minute and 45 seconds, I wound my way to the back of hall and found Fred. Fred was throwing in the towel for the day, when I said, “not so fast.” I rummaged through his items and my interest was piqued with each hanger. I asked Fred some questions, bought 3 items and went home to sleep on what I had seen. I didn’t make it far before he had an email in his inbox from me asking for a meeting the next day. I was sold!




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