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Tyra is the epitome of an Optimist. From the moment she learned about the brand until today, she has brought her kindness and grace to the brand to make it better. If you could watch Tyra move through the world, you would see all of the lives that she touches in a authentic and intentional way. She has incredible conviction and brings joy to those around her. It is no surprise that this goddess is a dancer spreading her artistry across every stage that she stands on. There is a creative genius in this amazing woman. Watching her fall in love with photography is a joy. Tyra has a dream of changing what it means to live your life on the beach and we are so here for it! Let's goooooooo Tyra! We at Optimist Made are your biggest cheerleaders. We love you!

Optimist Made loves Tyra because she has quickly become part of the heart and soul of this brand. You may not know this, but much of which you love most about being an Optimist is the magical touch that Tyra sprinkles across our world every day!

xoxo, Optimist Made





Instagram: @tyra_h

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