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Annie is your modern-day female dynamo. She lives on the cutting-edge of technological innovation within the entertainment and film category and works with some of the world’s most interesting brands. She is a storyteller. And she is one beautiful and brilliant mind. She will be your most trusted confidant if you let her. She is an Optimist!

Originally from Marblehead, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, Annie grew up with her 2 sisters and her parents. Her bond to her family is unparalleled. Her family operates from a solutions-oriented, ‘can-do’ mentality, which is what makes Annie such a special human being. She will never back down from a challenge and will always do what she can to see the promising succeed. She will undoubtedly always offer insightful perspectives in the most-narrow of conversations. She makes it rain with change, which is one of the many reasons why she is extraordinary.

In 2014, Annie co-founded Vanishing Point Media, a virtual reality and new media production company, which emerged ahead of the introduction of VR to the mainstream population. Her meta-mindset saw opportunity when many just sat asking questions. Today, she has emerged as one of the most innovative content creators in the new media space by delivering immersive experiences to a thriving and hungry consumer population. Her company tells stories and creates experiences that elevate brands and products through a dynamic cinematic experience.

In her spare time, which is often non-existent, Annie raises two children and sits on the board of trustees for the Lynch Foundation where they are focused on awarding grants towards education, healthcare, culture and religion. She is committed to finding organizations that stand a strong chance at making a difference in the world and gives them the helping hand that they need to get there. She sees potential everywhere, which inspires her to get busy building bridges to turn that potential into action.

Optimist Made loves Annie because she is a visionary and a change agent. She is a connector of people, experiences and all things productive. She is full of life and in every situation, she makes having fun the top priority. Annie is a coveted member of our Optimist Made family and we love to watch her soar!

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