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I am the founder of Optimist Made. I was born an entrepreneur. I am a dreamer and a doer. I have an addiction to creating. I am a believer in the fact that in humankind lives greatness. 

I started my career in advertising and media strategy for Fortune 500 brands. I eventually grew in my career and took ownership of developing marketing strategies for large end corporations. But, that was not enough for me. I wanted more and craved to make a real difference in the world. At the core, it is my dream to be a part of pushing great talents to the top of their game and it was with this wish that Optimist Made was born.

I live to chase life’s adventures. I love to travel the world and appreciate art in any form. My relationships are what motivate me. My family, friends and colleagues have all made their mark on the woman I am today. The inspiration that I get from my network is what helps me to articulate my vision that I have brought to life. It is the aggregation of my network of influences that have paved the way to the birth of Optimist Made.

I love Optimist Made because it is my dream and I did it! I cleared a path for Optimist Made to exist, thrive and then I walked down it. I was motivated by seeing others succeed and doing anything that I can to make that happen for artists and creators around the world! Optimist Made is about being seen and being heard. Optimist Made is about putting humans first. Optimist Made is about you!




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