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Laura is the epitome of everything amazing and beautiful! Have you ever wished you could find that person that has a never-ending spout of a 'can-do' attitude? That person who sets their sights on a goal and fulfills it effortlessly? That person that goes above and beyond every time? That person that doesn't understand the word 'no', but rather, how can I do better? That person that when you watch her in life, she sets the world on fire? That person that brings a smile to every person that she comes in contact with? Well, stop here. You found her. Her name is Laura and she is an Optimist.

Laura is a dedicated and sought after hair stylist. Her work is unparalleled. Her story is one that is paramount to what we stand for at Optimist Made. As a young girl, Laura realized she had a love for imagining, envisioning and creating, so she transferred this into playing and re-imagining the personas she loved the most, her friends. And it was instinct. It was obvious she found destiny. On a speed train from her high school graduation, she became a SHE-preneur. An iconic boss babe. She started her own venture styling and doing what she loves most... making people happy!

But that wasn't enough for Laura. Later in her career, she found health and wellness. She has a purist love for being active. She comes to life in the water, surfing, boxing, getting her yoga on, circuit training and anything else that gets the endorphins flowing. She found this healthy way of life for herself and immediately felt compassion. Compassion for the rest of us to also live a healthier life. She is a dream chaser and knew this would be another path off of her already successful entrepreneurial ecosystem, but just needed to figure out how to channel it, so she walked the walk. She was a top finisher in one of the largest fitness competitions in Southern California with no experience, and with no surprise, she conquered her challenge and what was born from this experience was Your Body Blueprint, Laura's health and wellness venture that creates custom plans for fitness success. And what is really exceptional about YBB is that she takes a real human, everyday living, approachable and no non-sense strategy at solving a lifestyle change for her clients.

Optimist Made loves Laura because of her intense focus and impact driven approach to everything that she does. She is able to accomplish this while remaining empathetic and making you feel as if you are the only person in the room. She is an unreal listener and that friend that you could never ever replace. She is that diamond in the rough that you cherish for a lifetime.

xoxo, Optimist Made




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