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Huma is known among her network to be an amazing human. She is a truly dynamic individual and as a result people are constantly drawn to her. It is as if she is a magnet for happiness and all things great!

Huma believes that her personal characteristics are the best parts of who she is today and every day. She feels and loves viscerally and craves to share this with others. Human contact, sharing and listening are paramount to Huma. It is not only about what is on the outside, but more important is the complex design of who we are as individuals on the inside that really matters. 

Huma is driven to ‘Be the Change.’ She is committed to educating, empowering, spreading love & supporting causes that she is passionate about. She believes that if we bind together that we can begin scratching the surface on saving the ocean, the nature around us, our environment, ONE LOVE and our loved ones. It is more than a dream. It is more than a donation. It is an undeniable commitment to change and our action that makes the difference.  This is Huma. 

Huma is her own authentic soul, an old soul, existing to the beat of her own heart. She trusts the path that she is offered and accepts the scars and the lessons that make her wiser every day. She is a compassionate, strong soul and lives in peace with the person that she is today and her steeping heart desires that bubble out of her constantly.

Huma loves to spread her wings and fly. Living a life with no filters and grounded in integrity. She is a free spirit that lives simply with a relentless belief in equality and a global mindset.

Optimist Made loves Huma because she is consistent. She believes deeply in who she is as a person and is unwavering in her behavior of who she is meant to be. And that is a person of impact. We are about change and we will follow Huma anywhere!

xoxo, Optimist Made




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