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Vacations are your time to relax from the daily grind and hustle of your life! Getting into a new environment to explore, have fun, and unwind are important aspects of self-care and is very much needed for everyone. However, what is not needed is spiraling into some unhealthy habits that are harder to break once you are back home and in your normal routine. Vacations also tend to make people lose motivation to eat healthy and stay active. While it is of course impossible to be perfect 100% of the time (especially on vacation), keeping these tips in mind while traveling will keep your body and mind feeling well and healthy and make for a great vacation!


4 Tips for a Healthy Vacation

1) Explore the Culture & Cuisine

The best part about traveling is being emerged into a new culture! Whether you are in a different country or even just a new city, observe the local foods and activities that are available. This is a great way to learn some new healthy habits from the locals that you can incorporate. For example, in Japan you’ll see that they eat smaller portions of food and practice the habit of eating until 80% full. Or in Thailand they regularly get massages instead of just occasionally. It is a traditional routine to relieve anxiety, aid in digestion, heal injuries, and more. In France, people indulge in treats regularly, but in smaller portions which is likely why they have lower rates of obesity than America. Healthy habits like these are best learned through experience on vacation!


2) Be Active

No one wants to go to the gym while on vacation. Instead of trying to stick to a regular workout routine, give your body a different source of exercise through movement on vacation! Try going for a bike ride or a walk to explore and see the sites. Use movement as your source of transportation whenever possible! In the Netherlands, people use bikes instead of cars as their main mode of transportation, which is a great way to stay active! Also when looking for activities to do, try ones that involve movement, such as hiking, kayaking, swimming, or golfing!


3) Live Stress-Free

Remember that your vacation is a time to relax! This is much needed and important for a healthy lifestyle. Unwind and de-stress in order to have a well-balanced and maintainable way of living. Living stress-free can greatly benefit your health by avoiding headaches, depression, heartburn, insomnia, weakened immune system, high blood sugar and pressure, stomaches, fertility problems, low sex drive, tense muscles, and more. While on vacation, make sure to take a moment to breathe and remember to enjoy being away from your usual busy schedule!


4) Enjoy Yourself

We’ve all been there during vacation where you think you need to “get back on track." But vacations are meant to be enjoyed and not to feel guilty. Get rid of that mentality by being kind to yourself. Be mindful about when and what you want to eat and enjoying the satisfaction of listening to your body. Be flexible and give yourself grace when choosing to indulge. Have that beachside mojito or choose to eat that salad. Either way, enjoy yourself to stay happy and healthy!



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