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South Africa is a region with extremely high poverty levels. Yet there is also an alarming prevalence of obesity in this area. How is a high rate of obesity possible when there is such limited food available? The answer is in the lack of variety of nutrients for these South Africans.

Research shows that having a limited amount of available food is associated with obesity and other health problems. The reason for this is because people have to resort to cheaper and higher-processed foods that are high in fat and sugar. Lower income generally causes people to not have access or be unable to afford diverse types of food, resulting in a low intake of fruits and vegetables.

We can learn from this when thinking about the amount of food we eat and our overall health. Many people choose to “eat less” or “just eat protein”. Instead, focusing on eating a wider variety of foods every day will give us nutritional adequacy and prevent obesity. Every fruit and vegetable contains different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that aid in our health, functioning, thinking, and well-being. Try cutting up a new fruit to eat with your usual breakfast, ordering the new salad at that restaurant you always eat at, or even a adding a different vegetable topping to your pizza. Don’t eat the same old sandwich everyday for lunch: switch it up! Fill up on nutrients!

5 Lunches to Switch Up Your Routine


Spicy Chicken Sweet Potato Meal Prep Magic 

This recipe uses sweet potato broccoli and avocado which has a wide variety of nutrients vitamins great for meal prepping as well.

Mediterranean Pasta Salad 
Great lunch for the hot summer months and is a super quick  and easy to make! You have to bring this to your next BBQ or picnic. You can also switch up the vegetables in the recipe to give you even more variety.



The Ultimate Hummus and Veggie Sandwich 

This ultimate sandwich is delicious as well as nutritious with the use of the many different vegetables! Add a piece of fruit to this lunch and you have a complete meal!








Quinoa & Chickpea Tabbouleh Salad

This is a super simple meal that you can make ahead of time to have lunch for the next day. Add in different herbs to add even more variety!









Raw Veggies Wraps with Arugula Pesto
Wraps are very versatile and can be made to your liking. This recipe include a flavorful pesto too! Just make sure that your wraps are colorful for a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients. Eat the rainbow!




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