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There is nothing more satisfying than a flavorful, home-cooked meal. Cooking at home is often more nutritious, fewer calories, less expensive, and can bring more joy. The act of preparing a meal for yourself is also a great way to relieve stress and try something new; contributing to your overall health and well-being. Engaging family members or friends in cooking can add to the fun of the at-home dining experience. India, one of the top countries that do the most home cooking, often makes cooking a family affair. However, what usually stops people from cooking is a lack of confidence, skills, and time. Keep reading to learn how to overcome these challenges and start cooking balanced, healthy meals at home! 



You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Cooking shows and videos on social media can make cooking look extremely easy and result in perfect plates of food. While inspiring, you may find that your own meals aren’t quite as picture-perfect. This can be discouraging, however, remind yourself that you are learning and your food doesn’t have to be precisely restaurant-quality. Cooking is a practice after all, the more your cook, the better you’ll get! Try starting one night a week to practice cooking dinner, and choose simple recipes without too many ingredients.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Flavor

Nothing is worse than a bland meal. Make sure your kitchen is stocked with herbs and spices to add endless flavor to your meals! Scientists have proven that Indian food is tasty due to its use of clashing flavors that create a sensory experience. Learn from India’s cuisine by adding turmeric, chili, fennel, and other spices to your meals to give an extra boost of flavor. Herbs and spices also add health benefits to your meal because they are chockfull of healthy compounds that fight inflammation and boost immunity in the body.

It Doesn’t Have To Take A Lot Of Time

One of the biggest reasons many people don’t cook is because of the amount of time it seemingly takes to prepare a meal. However, there are plenty of quick and easy dishes that can be made in no time at all. Having already prepped ingredients such as cut-up fresh vegetables, beans, and grains in the fridge makes it easy to add elements to meals or the ability to throw everything in a bowl. With preparation, cooking can be a joyful act that allows you to nourish your body.




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