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Everyone gets in an exercise rut. Life gets busy, our schedules get demanding, and our motivation to exercise tends to be put on the back burner. There are many reasons why you could’ve stopped exercising regularly or feel unwilling to get some movement in for the day. The main challenge is getting motivated to get back into regular, healthy exercise again. Consistent physical activity controls your weight, combats disease, improves mood, boosts energy, and promotes better sleep. We all know exercise is essential for your health and wellness, and you just need to get motivated! When you are ready to get back into the fitness game again, here are three tips to jumpstart your movement:



Here are 3 ways to stay motivated - Now, let's get moving! 

1) Set a Goal

Set a personal goal for yourself that is realistic and achievable. It will give you the reason why you are choosing to exercise. Some examples of goals could be to improve body composition, run a certain amount of miles, be in better shape to play with your kids, or boost your mood. Try to keep a reminder of this goal by writing it down somewhere that you can see it throughout the day.

2) Get an Exercise Buddy

Grab a friend or family member to exercise with. Together, you can keep each other accountable in getting regular exercise. It’s always more motivating to get to a workout class when you know your buddy will be there as well. Also, having a buddy makes the experience of working out more fun!

3) Have a Plan>

Get a clear vision of when you can realistically fit in exercise throughout the week. Schedule your workouts just like appointments so that you don’t blow them off. Also, try planning your workout gear and clothes ahead of time so that you are prepared for your workout. Being prepared will ease the challenge of getting yourself to exercise. So get in the motivated mindset and start working up a sweat!






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