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What gives us energy? What inspires us? And motivates us? This month, Ava pushes us to journal on what calms us, helps us down regulate, and soothes us. What are your favorite calming, grounding, relaxing activities, practices, and rituals? It can be anything! A yoga class, a nap, a walk in nature, meditation, a morning routine of any sort. 

Journal about how frequently you make time for these? And think about whether you can schedule something in (even if five minutes) each and every day?

Want more of where this comes from? Join The Work By Ava at www.theworkbyava. It is packed with movement work, workshops and mental gymnastics that is good for the soul.


Our Founder, Rochelle Webb shares her ways of escapism and commitment to herself here:

While sheltering in place there were three activities that I was reminded brings me joy and provided me that feeling of utopia in relaxation. My oldie and goodie is to find some open road with a beautiful view, no traffic, light up an awesome playlist and just drive. With less people on the road during the pandemic, I was able to chase this release. A nice long walk with a good podcast that allows me to listen to someone else's story and learning from the journey of others, gives me space to dream and be inspired. And finally, I re-engaged with a sport I loved so much as a young girl... Tennis! Jumping on a court with some good tunes in my earbuds and hitting against a ball machine which allows me to move and be with myself, gives me life!

Seeing how these three things made me a better person during one of the most trying times I will probably see in my lifetime showed me that it is necessary to make time for this daily. Even if I have to squeeze it in... I do it and give myself the pass I need to re-charge. I will commit to give myself grace and care for my soul each and every day, by any means necessary.


- Rochelle Webb




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