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"Everything that is done in this world is done by hope"

-Martin Luther King, Jr.



Our beautiful Health & Wellness Contributor, Ava Moreno, challenges us to imagine this week that in a time that can feel uneasy because of unknowns, how can we embrace hope to keep us moving forward?



What does hope mean to you? Does it make you think of optimism, patience, faith, strength, or more? Does it make you feel big or small? Does it have a sound? Close your eyes and feel the effect of hope in your body. After, write down what it brought up - the good, the bad, all of what it stirs up.

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Our Founder, Rochelle Webb shares her journal entry with you as a promise and commitment to you as our community members:

I am a true believer in the optimism and the hope that we can be better and we will be better. I am an admirer and mentee of the late and great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I vow to carry on his mission and his journey to providing a pathway for the Underdog with a capital 'U' because they are powerful and they are strong and they are real and undoubtedly packed with talent and a lot to say, but they have yet to be seen and to be heard in the way that they deserve. I am an Underdog. I see promise in our future and I am committed to being a part of it. I feel big and I feel strong... even in the darkest hours. This all sounds like the endless, yet powerful and calming raindrops on a tin roof that remind us that it is temporary and only clearing the skies for us to see more, so we can be more. This is my journal entry.

- Rochelle Webb




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