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Traveling via car is a great way to explore the area or country that you’re in. The experience of taking the streets allows travelers to really get to know another culture as well as be able to see breathtaking views. Hitting the open road also calls for fun music, interesting podcasts, and joyful conversation. One of the best countries for a road trip is Spain for its sunshine all year long, which makes for perfect road conditions. Spain has small villages, cultural heritage sites, and beautiful mountains and beaches. However, when you’re stuck sitting in a car for multiple hours, it can be hard to stick to your usual healthy habits. Eating nutritious meals and staying active on road trips is seemingly impossible. Here is a guide to make your next road trip both fun and healthy:

Pack Healthy Snacks

Road trip snacks are a necessity when driving for long periods of time. Instead of making stops at fast food places, try having a stock of yummy and nutritious snacks on hand to sustain your energy on the road. Some great non-perishable snacks include trail mix, nut butters, dried fruit, granola, brown rice crackers, popcorn, and nutrition bars. If you can have a cooler in the car, some tasty refrigerated snacks include fruit, greek yogurt, veggies, hummus, cheese, and hard-boiled eggs.


Take Exploration Breaks

Instead of just taking a quick break at a rest stop, try making your breaks at places where you can explore. Take a look at your route to see if there are any attractions to explore. Parks, short hikes, local waterfalls, or other activities can allow you to get some movement in after sitting in the car.


Stay Hydrated

Obviously, staying hydrated is extremely important for your health. But it is often forgotten about when driving on the road. Adequate hydration helps with your energy, focus, and sugar cravings. Not being dehydrated will also make your road trip overall more enjoyable. Try packing a water bottle to keep with you in the car that you can re-fill at breaks.

Protect Eyes and Skin

You are in the car, so you don’t need SPF, right? WRONG. If you’re driving most of the day, sun-rays will hit you through your car windows. Don’t forget to slather on some SPF and wear a hat to protect your face before you hit the road. Also, wearing your favorite fashionable pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes during your road trip.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Skimping on sleep can be detrimental to your overall health. Late nights and early mornings can lead to a lack of sleep that can have a significant impact on your energy and food cravings. Also, getting tired behind the wheel can be extremely dangerous. So when possible, get enough shut-eye or take a nap when you are not driving.







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