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Since her childhood in Ireland, Odi Lynch has had an interest in art, ranging from painting to fabric design to pattern-making and creating clothing and accessories. She has also been passionate about upcycling and recycling, which led to regular trips to the Dublin Dandelion market in the 70’s.  She was wowed by the smells, the quality, the colors, the freedom of it all.  And a passion was born. She started by designing patterns for leather, cotton, tapestry bags and jackets in her flat in Camden Town, London, to sell in the market on the weekends.  She had a passion for sustainable fashion inspired by 70’s designs and philosophy.  Other decades have also played a part in influencing her vision with a huge appreciation derivLed from the 20’s to the 60’s. She is diligent about adapting these influences into today’s fashion trends and high-level tastes. 

Odilynch is synonymous with versatility, sustainability and vibrant colors. She is committed to creating a leather, cotton and velvet items for life.

Our Story

In 2014, I extended a business trip to spend some extra time with my brother in London. Never on my radar at this point in my life was there a place on my vision board to start a fashion company online. My brother was always taking me to his new favorite spots, which prompted a trip down the Camden Market for shopping and Jamaican food. I of course shopped and did not drop while my brother watched from a distance. I suddenly stumbled upon a cart in the indoor market full of awesome leather bags and a very cool retro, vintage dressed woman named Odi Lynch. She was full of passion and spunk, excited to show me everything there was to see. She asked me where I was from and immediately mentioned wanting to get her bags to Venice Beach, CA. While the venture sounded exciting, I told her I wasn't her girl. I was busy trying to become a marketing big-wig. Well, 4 years later, I find myself in London making it my mission to find Odi Lynch, because guess what.... I wanted to sell her bags to Venice Beach and anyone else who will listen. It is a really interesting thing when others manifest your destiny. Odi Lynch knew my calling long before I did and I will never forget her for it!




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