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Their Story 

Image Haddad was founded in 1988. This fashion house has been successfully run by designer, Zrinka Haddad, and entrepreneur, Samir Haddad. The brand began with a simple line of copy, IMAGE HADDAD, which incited the brand's entry to the fashion market. The Pret-a-Porter fashion brand responded to the needs of a modern woman for ready-to-wear clothing, which put it on the map. Image Haddad has continued to expand over the years by launching subsidiaries, H2 by Haddad, Vintage Haddad and H2 Jeans, which has kept the brand on the cutting edge of fashion.

Our Story

After creating Optimist Made in my mind for roughly a year, I decided to spontaneously visit a friend in Croatia, a part of the world I had never been to and was anxious to visit. And definitely on the bucket list! It was a very irrational and exciting trip to say the least... I think I put the trip together in about 2 weeks. I started in Dubrovnik and worked my way up the coast through Split and ended up in Zagreb where the friend I was visiting with had set me up with a string of meetings across 2 days with some of Croatia's cutting edge designers. It turns out that one of the first meetings I had was with the Haddad family at their headquarters to review their collection. I got this meeting because my friend grew up with the Haddads. They embraced me with open arms and to this day, they still feel like family!




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