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Abel Lopez is a Mexican designer that got involved in fashion at a very young age. By the age of 4, he began practicing inside of his mother’s private atelier. His constant contact with fashion magazines, knitting techniques, mending machines and measuring tapes would lead him to become an undeniable part of the world of design. After studying fashion design, Abel began to work as an independent designer. After a while, his creativity, originality and personal worth led him to become a creative director for André Badi for 8 years, transmitting all his creativity and originality in his silhouettes and premium quality to the product. His trips around the world help him to expand his design knowledge and develop different perspectives of the fashion world that he uses to express in his collections.

Our Story

I entered the studio of Abel Lopez after watching the World Cup semi-finals around the corner at a restaurant in Guadalajara. HIs studio was on a quaint street behind a somewhat incognito storefront. I walked past it a few times and then finally I spotted the awning. I had arrived. The studio was beautiful, all white with a minimalist appearance and small accent touches that had character spilling over. I was taken to the back of the studio where the showroom had neatly displayed the current collection of Abel Lopez and I was excited at every turn. Abel entered the showroom and it was like love at first sight. We immediately embraced and laughed as we talked about his collection. He gave me the story behind his inspiration… and then… and then… and then… he gave me a sneak peak at his upcoming collection. I died. It was amazing and the Abel Lopez x Optimist Made marriage was born!




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