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Optimist Made is excited for all of our expansion on the rise and first up is taking a plunge into the Travel sector with Travel Contributor, Jeni Bartiromo! Jeni is the epitome of a tastemaker. She is inquisitive and relentlessly curious when it comes to seeking out new experiences. She chases the best of what the world has to offer and we are so lucky to have her to share her finds with our community!

Jeni is Optimist Made’s first-ever travel contributor. Jeni is based in Los Angeles, but her passport spans to all of the ends of the Earth. She describes herself as a travel enthusiast, a lifelong learner and an Optimist. Her favorite destinations include France, Italy and Argentina. She takes a little bit of time every day to learn a few foreign words, read about international travel trends, or IG-stalk a few jet setting travel influencers. Keep up with Jeni every #TravelTuesday for her stories, her travel tips and find her @CiaoJeni.

Get your travel bug and seatbelts ready... it's going to be a wild and incredible ride with Jeni!


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