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Your core, which is the muscles in the mid-section of your body, is one the most critical stabilizers to strengthen when exercising. The core is also known as your body’s “powerhouse” because of all the health benefits it provides. A strong and stable core will not only give you a rockin’ torso, but it will also prevent injuries, relieve back pain, and improve posture for overall better health and wellness. Start strengthening your core with this at-home friendly workout:



Ultimate Core BlasterPerform each exercise for 10 reps. As much as possible, keep core engaged and do not drop to the floor between each exercise. Rest after each set for 3 total sets.

Plank Leg Raise

  • In a plank position on elbows, raise one foot off the floor, pause, and lower back to the ground. Repeat on other leg for a total of 10 reps.

    Body Saw

    • In a plank position on elbows, shift body weight forward on toes, so shoulders are hovering over hands. Pause and then shift bodyweight back to starting position. Repeat for 10 reps.

      Side Plank Dips

      • Shift body weight to one elbow, so you are in a side elbow plank position. Dip your hips towards the ground, but do not drop all the way. Use your core strength to raise hips back up to starting position. Repeat on each side for 10 reps.

      Plank Arm Raise

      • In a plank position on your hands with arms straight underneath your shoulders, raise one arm, so it is level with your head. Pause and lower arm back to the ground. Repeat with your other arm for a total of 10 reps.



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