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When getting to the gym or a fitness studio is not always doable, a home workout may be your best or only option. Even if you only have 15 minutes to spare in the day, your body will thank you for getting some movement in. Not to mention that with exercise, you will benefit from improved mental health, mood, sleep, weight control, and even reduce your risk of chronic diseases. Home workouts are now easier than ever because there is an endless variety of apps or exercise videos available on demand. And who doesn’t love getting sweaty in the comfort of your own home? Below are the top essentials for a killer at-home workout:

1) Weights

If you don’t have a pair of weights at home to use for strength-training exercises, household items can be used. Soup cans, heavy books, or even wine bottles can be perfect for those bicep curls. Parents can also carefully involve their toddlers in their workout as a playful weight. This is a great way to sneak in exercise along with play-time together in your day.


2) A Space

If possible, find a space to exercise in that is different than where you sleep or work. Separating your exercise area allows for fewer distractions during your workout. You may also try setting up this area so that it is always ready for your next workout. For instance, have any necessary equipment already set up, have a water bottle or towel nearby, or have a candle ready to be lit for practicing meditation or yoga.


3) Low-Impact Options

For those who need to be mindful of neighbors or others in your household, having low-impact exercise options may be required. Movements that involve jumping or stomping should be avoided when wanting to be as quiet as possible. Stretching or breathing exercises, which are very popular in India, are a low-impact option that can give you peace of mind. Pilates involves low-impact movements that use your core, flexibility, and muscle strength.

4) Motivation

When you are at home, getting inspired or motivated to exercise is hard. Having a household member complete the workout with you, or even FaceTiming a friend while you workout can give you some accountability. Penciling in your workout into your schedule like an appointment may also help in making sure you complete your exercise. With these essentials, an at-home workout will actually be easier than going all the way to a gym or fitness studio!







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