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Their Story

Takasami is a line of artisan clothing that is characterized by the use of blankets and cotton fabrics in different textures. The brand was founded my Maria Rosario who is a very famous name in fashion in Guadalajara. With more than a 38 year history, her clothing line, has crossed borders by way of private collections, request from celebrity or important icons and even in the form factor of uniforms! The name Takasami comes from combining the names of Maria Rosario’s 3 daughters to put the perfect stamp on the perfect collection of perfect items. The textiles have handcrafted details that give life to garments, which have international design and Mexican soul. At Takasami, they mark fashion trends that adapt to the needs and lifestyles of their customers and they hope that while they boost the fashion industry, they also pay tribute to Mexico, their roots and culture of which they feel deeply proud.

Our Story

Mexico was the third market added to the Optimist Made platform and the first market where I had zero connection to anyone in that country. While my search for designers is truly organic, I am often helped along by friends and family that have different contacts in the market. However, in my due diligence, I was told that when looking for fashion in Mexico, I must start in Guadalajara, and from there I started sending cold messages to designers on Facebook. Maria Rosario was the first to respond and connected me to her daughter, Sammy. Sammy was incredibly kind and took me under her wing and welcomed me into their studio. We became fast friends and she gave me an amazing immersion into Takasami and the city of Guadalajara. The brand’s, effortless patterns speak ‘comfort and ease.’ After meeting with Takasami, Sammy and Maria, invited me to a private fashion show where their collection would be showing and I accepted. Seeing their collection walk the runway was the final confirmation that I would be partnering with Takasami!




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