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Noelani began designing jewelry as a young girl, growing up in North Carolina. During her college years in Virginia, this hobby began to turn into a passion fueled by her desire to create beauty with her hands. She followed her lifelong dream of moving to Hawaii to learn about her Hawaiian culture and, organically, Noelani Hawaii began to grow into what it has become today... a small, conscious company that grows as Noe herself grows.

Noe has many other passions that allow her to share her light with others and empower them along the way - She teaches yoga, birthing classes, and assists pregnant women in labor as a doula. She loves surfing, singing, writing, and spending time with her 'ohana on the North Shore of Oahu. As a mother, designer and yogini, she creates to inspire, believing in the healing power of our intentions along with the gifts of this earth.

Working with materials from nature's bounty, the gemstones used in the jewelry hold sacred energy that allow us to realize our true potential.  Noelani Hawaii jewelry is created with the intention that the wearers of this jewelry are reminded to shine their inner beauty bright and that this feeling of love is radiated out to all beings everywhere. We are all human beings that deserve to receive love and share our love.

Our Story

Meeting Noe and the Noelani brand was on twist of fate that stretches back to some adventures I had in Costa Rica in January 2019. I took a trip with a friend and met a new friend named, Michal. She was so sweet, kind, compassionate and loves with her whole heart. We became fast friends and as we parted ways, I promised I would visit her in Hawaii. Well, true to form, I was visiting her in Hawaii a few short months later to source for new designers. I told her that I had jewelry on the mind at which point, she showed me a birthday gift she had been given. And it was then that I met Noelani.

Noelani and I played a lot of phone tag and I was sent to a local boutique called Lily Lotus to check out her jewelry. It was on my last night that we finally connected as I sat in a mall outside of a Jamba Juice. We had a synergy and she had a pureness that I was drawn to and it was then that we decided to work together. I wanted to slip in an in person meeting with her the next morning before boarding my flight at which point she said she was 1.5 hours up the coast in the North Shore! I had to put our meeting on pause for that trip, but I am looking forward to the day that we do meet and take in some yoga together and continue painting our dreams of evolving as SHE-bosses!





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