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Unique Travel Set designs products to make traveling easier. The company was founded by Katarina Dzale and Raseljka Maras who are from Zagreb, Croatia. They are passionate about life, traveling and exploring and wanted to find a way to feed that consumer need. Their goal is to make every woman feel free, stylish and sexy while traveling. They support individuality, uniqueness and continuous self-development. The travel sets are created from the highest quality viscose and designed to be adjusted for daily wearing without sweating and creating an unpleasant feeling of being in the same clothing for the entire day. If you were sitting with Katarina and Raseljka today, they would tell you, “Follow your passion and success will follow you.”

Our Story

This is the story of ships passing in the night. Katarina and Raseljka are two Croatian women that I ironically met in downtown Los Angeles. I met them through a friend from business school that knew of my venture and we were lucky because since that meeting each time I have traveled to Croatia, they have been in Los Angeles! Our meeting was very last minute and tough to arrange because it was my birthday and my mom and I were leaving that day for a trip, but we made it work for the sake of fashion. We met at a great wine bar and shared stories as fellow entrepreneurs. They showed me their invention and I was impressed. They had designed the ultimate wanderlust package for the ultimate wanderer. We solidified our relationship over some sweets and cabernet, so it’s a relationship here to stay.




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